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Production base:Huantai Huiheng Machinery Factory.
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Huiheng Union is a metal wire industry customer alliance group which has developed rapidly in the new economy situation at the turn of the century. It is one of the most competitive and potential professional, network-based union in the virtual operating model of Chinese private enterprise. Huiheng brand place great emphasis on leading technology and excellent service.
Shangdong Huiheng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd  regards metal wire electrical equipment experts as the target, and gather all wisdom and creat eternality on the platform of high and new technology. It is always committed to the research, development and improvement of metal wire drawing equipment, cold-rolled steel equipment, welding wire complete set of equipment, cable equiptment, such as drawing machine, straightening machine, wire spooling machine. Its production base---Huantai Huiheng (original Hengwei) Machinery Factory is a traditional enterprises with 50 years development history which is not only the key enterprises of the provincial mechanical industry but also designated as the fixed manufactures of construction machinery by bureau of construction of province. After the reorganization and transformation,it stands the leading position in the field of manufacturing wire drawing machine, straightening machine, welding equipments with more than 5000 alliances and customers throughout the country. In recent years, Huiheng has introduced a series of new-type wire drawing machine, wire-rewinding machine, precision layer winding machine, ribbed steel bar production line, Cold-rolled thread steel bar production line, welding wire production line etc.,which has sell well at home and abroad.
  Beijing Huiheng Tong Network Technology Co., Ltd., Zibo Yingdong Network Technology Co. Ltd. which begin with the basic business such as domain name, space, website construction etc, build successfully a comprehensive portal site for China's private enterprises----"China's private enterprises online 91wo.net¡±, and on this foundation develop and establish Professional networking platform such as Chinese metal wire industry network, China Welding Industry Network, Yingdong commercial network etc., and construct a large-scale Publish & Query
Systems of supply-demand information and 91wo e-mail, zb139 e-mail system. Huiheng Union is one of the first private enterprises to become involved in China's Internet industry. ¡°Gather all wisdom, Creat eternality, Dominate the world¡± manifest Heng people keep in pace with the world and take the responsibility of developing national industry.
  Entering the 21st century, under the conditions of intellectual-capital operation, Huiheng pursuits the way of combining intelligent resource and information resource in the guidence of the system info of philosophical triadic theory and its own management concept. From manufacturing to creating, from lower-end to high-end, based on the combination of traditional industry and knowledge industry, Huiheng union has been always walking an road of diversifying and specialized international enterprise.

Address:Rm C401,145 Zhengtong Rd, Development Zone,ZiBO City, ShangDong  Tel:86-0533-8780688¡¡86-0533-3585910

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